Holt Farm Infant School
Ashingdon Road Rochford SS4 1RS
Tel: 01702 544058
Fax: 01702 530076
email: admin@holtfarm-inf.essex.sch.uk


Mission Statement

To create a caring community, in which all individuals feel valued, nurtured and respected, and where true potential is recognised and developed.

We will achieve this through a learning environment which is stimulating and challenging, inclusive and enjoyable. We will give all our children the opportunities and educational experiences necessary to progress and to fulfill their potential and we will promote a sense of belonging to our school and the local community.


In partnership with parents and governors the school seeks:


To provide a happy, caring well-ordered environment, in which children feel safe, secure, valued and respected.

To help each child to develop her/his full potential in all areas of education, according to individual needs and abilities.

To provide a stimulating environment which will enlarge the child’s knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and motivate natural curiosity.

To provide a well structured balanced curriculum, which will help the child to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life in a rapidly changing society.

a)  to read, speak and write clearly
b)  to understand and to use mathematical and scientific skills and ideas
c)  to develop practical and physical skills
d)  to enjoy art and music and be creative
e)  to develop well-reasoned social, moral and spiritual ideas

To encourage each child to be considerate, co-operative, courteous, tolerant and respectful.

To promote confidence, self-discipline and a high self-esteem.

To ensure the children’s right to equal opportunities throughout the curriculum.

As a staff, to regularly review our teaching approaches to ensure best practice and quality for the children.

To value the partnership between parents and teachers to encourage parental involvement within the school.

To encourage good relationships with the local and wider community, and to promote the active co-operation of teachers, non-teaching staff, governors, parents, advisors and inspectors in achieving the aims of the school