PE & Clubs

PE & Clibs

Our Vision for PE

To provide all children with the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills through a variety of sports and physical activities.

By taking part in PE and school sport, we aim for our children to develop an enthusiasm for being active and healthy. We will teach the children the basic skills needed to throw, catch and take part in simple ball games whilst promoting the need for them to be physically active in order to be fit, strong and healthy. We aim to offer a wide range of sports so that all children can discover a sport or activity that they will enjoy and to work with local clubs to provide opportunities for children to continue developing in a local club setting.

PE Achievements

We are delighted that Holt Farm Infant School is being recognised for the outstanding work we do in PE.

We spend a lot of time developing the fundamental skills of movement and fitness in our PE lessons and all our teachers work along-side a PE specialist to ensure high-quality teaching. In addition, we link with local sports clubs and try to offer introductions to as many different sports as we can. This means our children are getting the very best introduction to physical activity. Thank you to Mrs. Robinson for her outstanding commitment to PE in our school which has led to all this success.

PE Specialist

Our PE SpecialistSarah Robinson works with Classteches to improve teaching and learning in physical education. Sarah has a background in Sports Science and athletics ad as well as being a primary teacher she has also been a personal trainer

PE Days

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