Return to school arrangements

We hope you have had a good summer and that the children are looking forward to coming back to school. We are certainly looking forward to seeing them. We wrote to you at the end of the summer term with the arrangements for our return to school. This letter is a reminder of those arrangements.

The children return to school on Thursday, 3rd September.

Who cannot yet attend?

Children if they or a family member has symptoms of Covid 19.

Starting and Finishing School

Start times and finish times will be staggered with class groups arriving at a set time and using the one-way system starting on the left-hand side of the building (by the swimming pool) to reach their classrooms. These will be marked out for social distancing and signposted for you to follow. School staff will also be outside to help you.

Arrival/Finish times

Arrival: 8:45am
Finish: 3:10pm

Arrival: 9:00am
Finish: 3:00pm

Arrival: 9:15am
Finish: 2:45pm

We ask for your support in keeping social distance during these drop off and pick up times. If possible, we ask that your child is picked up by one parent to allow social distancing to be maintained on the school grounds. To support our community, we ask that parents do not group together outside the school entrance – thereby blocking the pavements, etc.

  • If you have issues with your child refusing to come into school, staff will be there to help encourage them in.
  • If your child becomes distressed, please stand to one side until there is space for us to help.
  • If you have more than one child attending our school in different year groups, please drop off your first child and wait in a suitable place away from others until you are able to drop off your other children.

Please can we ask that children do not bring in any other items apart from coats, book bags, water bottle and lunch box (if they are having their own lunch.

Class Groupings and how the classes will work

Children in Y1 and Y2 will be placed into their class grouping (bubble) and maintain social distancing from other bubbles.

Children will be seated at tables in groups. Each child will have their own stationery and equipment. Resources and equipment, such as books and games, can be shared within their bubble.

The children will stay in their classroom during the day apart from playtimes and lunchtimes. Their movement throughout the school will be limited.

Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered and class bubbles will remain together. We will also be using outdoor learning opportunities where possible. PE and music lessons will be with the children’s bubbles and outside where possible.

Children will be required to attend school in uniform, although the previous requirement to wash clothes every day no longer applies. They will need to bring in only book bags and will be given books at the start of the week. On Fridays, books can be returned, stored over the weekend and new books distributed on Mondays.

PE will take place outside, depending on the weather and children will need only to change footwear to begin with. Please can they bring into school PE bags with appropriate plimsolls. PE bags will be kept in the cloakroom.

Please can we ask that children do not bring in any other items apart from coats, book bags and lunch box (if they are having their own lunch). PE kits can be brought in at the beginning of September.

Access to staff/office

If you need to speak to the teacher or leave a message, please would you arrange to do this at the office or by phoning/email.

Teaching and Learning

Your children will need time to adapt to school life. Our priority will be to focus on the well-being of the children. We will then begin to start more formal learning and keep you fully informed of this learning and how to support at home.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Children will have regular hand washing during the day – on arrival at school, during the day before and after eating and going to the toilet, etc. If you wish your child to bring in hand moisturiser (and/or suncream), this will be kept in their tray.

Staff will be cleaning tables and equipment at regular intervals and our cleaning staff will then be cleaning the classrooms after school.

Staff will have access to visors and gloves. They will also use aprons in supporting children with personal care.

Please can they bring in their own water bottle. If children don’t have their own water bottle, we will provide them with a disposable bottle due to hygiene rules but, we will have to make a small charge for this.

Playtimes will be staggered with different groups using the playground and field at different times and YR children will access to the Learning Garden in the mornings and afternoons. We will encourage our children to remember good hygiene practices and distancing before, during and after playtimes and lunchtimes but we are also very aware of the age of our children and their normal desire to play with their friends.

All support staff are first aid trained and we have paediatric first aiders in school.

Breakfast Club and After School Clubs

To maintain the class bubbles, there will unfortunately be no Breakfast Club or After School Clubs until further notice. We will inform you once we are able to restart these.

If your child becomes unwell at school

If your child is unwell at school, the usual arrangements for contacting you will apply.

If your child is displaying any symptoms of Covid 19, they will be kept safely away from others until you arrive to collect them. You should then self-isolate along with household members. Information about testing and tracing will also be given to you. A decision will be made about asking the child’s bubble to selfisolate and parents fully informed.

If your child tests positive for Covid 19, then the class bubble will be asked to self-isolate and information about testing and tracing will be given to parents. If the bubble members are asked to isolate, it is essential that you follow the government guidance and remain at home for 14 days.

If a bubble member goes on to display symptoms and so accesses a test but it is negative – they still cannot return to school until they have completed their 14 days isolation period.

Where the original individual tests negative, they can return to their setting and the fellow household members can end their self-isolation.

Where your child tests positive – they may return to school after 7 days, providing they are well enough to do so.

At all times the safety of your children and our staff is uppermost in our plans.

We continue to follow the latest guidance from the government, Please be aware, these plans are subject to change and are dependent on local authority and government advice to ensure safety for all of our community.