Sponsor a Book

As you know our main fund-raising project is to refurbish and restock our Library.

Developing a love of reading is a focus of our School Development Plan this year.

With your support with fundraising the project is well underway, we have removed the old kiln to give us more space and the area is being re-plastered during the Spring Break. We are hoping to work with some KES students to decorate the walls with a mural. We have already purchased reading books for our new reading scheme and we are now in the process of choosing a variety of books for the children to enjoy and to help them with their topic work.

To help us with this Dedman Gray Estate Agents have kindly sponsored the school for £150 to purchase books for our library. We would love to expand this idea and would like to ask parents if they would like to sponsor a book/books. If you would like to take part in this project you can make a contribution via Parentmailpmx “Sponsor a Book”. We will then give you the opportunity to choose a book to sponsor and have a nameplate with your child’s name in the book/s you have chosen. It would be lovely for our Year 2 children to leave behind a book for our library for future pupils to enjoy when they move on to the Junior School. We would also like you to consider asking your employer if they would be willing to sponsor a book/books for our school. Again we would put a nameplate in the book with the name of the sponsor. A number of small contributions will really make a difference and will provide an amazing resource for our children to enjoy and develop a real love of books.