Y1 return to school 15th June

Who will school be open for on Monday 15th June?

Y1 children have been asked to return to school but only if you have informed us that you require a place for them. This is so that we can plan safe numbers of children coming into school and which staff will be teaching them. Please confirm with us asap whether your child will be returning to school from 15th June. Key Worker children will continue to attend as required.

What days will children be in school?

Y1 children will be able to come to school from Monday to Thursday to allow a deeper clean on Fridays. Key worker children will be able to attend on each day as needed.

Do they have to start back on 15th June or is there the option to return at a later date?

At this time, we are asking that you inform us before the re-start on 15th June if your child is going to attend and not turn up to school unannounced. We are hoping that we will be able to offer further re-opening at a later date – please check ParentMail, HFIS Website and Facebook pages for further updates.

Will parents be fined for not sending their children into school?

No, for parents who choose not to send their children in from 1st June, the government have made it clear that they will not be issuing any fines.
Can my child return if they have a health condition such as asthma?
Please can you check with your child’s GP that it is safe for them to return.

How are the class groups (‘bubbles’) going to work?

The Y1 children will be split into groups of no more than 10 children and will remain in that bubble. The children will stay in their own class base and not move through the school. The only times that they will leave the classroom will be to go outside to the playground and field via the classroom doors.

There will be a Teacher(s) and Teaching Assistant(s) with each bubble, and they will remain with their bubble and not work with other bubbles in school.

Key Worker children will have their own bubble(s).

You will be informed before the re-opening on 15th June about which bubble your child will be in and with which staff.

Can my child bring sun cream/hand cream into school?

Yes – this can be kept with them on their table.

Are staff going to be wearing masks, visors, PPE, etc?

The guidance that was issued to schools by the DfE, stated that there was no requirement for school staff to wear face masks in school. We will, however, be providing face masks and other appropriate PPE to our staff to wear, if they choose to, in order to protect themselves. All members of staff who provide first aid support or intimate care will also be provided with PPE.

Are children allowed /encouraged to wear face masks?

No, children in school will not be allowed to wear face masks.

DFE advice states:

Face coverings (or any form of medical mask where instructed to be used for specific clinical reasons) should not be worn in any circumstance by those who may not be able to handle them as directed (for example, young children, or those with special educational needs or disabilities) as it may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings

How are we going to enforce social distancing in school?

Children will be encouraged to stay a safe distance from other children and members of staff at all times. We do recognise that this is will be a challenge to the children, but it is important for the safety of others that we are consistent in the message that children should refrain from any physical contact with others. Please can we ask you to reiterate this message with your child in the days leading up to the children’s return.

Classroom furniture has been moved to give children distance from each other and from staff. The children will remain in their bubble and not mix with other bubbles in the playground.

Are staff going to physically comfort children if they are upset or unsettled?

No – we understand this is a difficult message but for their own safety and the safety of others, staff members have been advised to uphold social distancing within school as much as possible and they should not hold hands or make physical contact with children unless it is required in order to keep a child safe or prevent them from hurting themselves or another child.

If your child becomes too distressed or their behaviour too difficult to control safely, we will ask you to take them home.

How are children going to enter and leave school?

We are going to stagger the arrival at school and collection times to avoid too many parents and children being on the school site at the same time. We will send the revised timings out to you before 15th June.

There will be a one-way system which will be signposted for you to follow until you reach your child’s classroom door. Staff will be there to meet you.

These crosses will be turned into painted spots by the time school reopens and will help us all keep a safe distance.

Please can we ask that only one parent comes to school to limit numbers and that you maintain social distancing at all times.

If you need to speak with the classroom staff, please would you come back to the school office to make an appointment or leave a message for the teacher to contact you.

How is teaching going to work with the new arrangements?

Education and teaching will look and feel very different to how it was prior to closure. Classroom environments will be spread out and children will be working independently at their own table rather than interacting with peers in pairs or groups in the way that they have been used to. The children will undertake much of the same work that the children at home will receive via Google Classroom.

There will be physical resources, such as lego, etc, for children but these will be limited and cleaned regularly. Children will have a chair and table that they alone will use. In addition, we will look to use learning opportunities outside the classroom in the school grounds.

The children will have everything they need for them on their desk.
It will be cleaned at the end of the day, ready for use again.
You can see here how the tables will be spaced out in the classroom.

What home learning will be available for children and year groups not returning to school?

YR and Y2 children will not be returning to school yet along with a number of Y1 children. We will continue to provide work for all year groups through Google Classroom and direct you to suitable online learning.

What will happen at playtime and lunchtime?

Children will continue to have playtimes and lunchtimes and will stay with their bubble. Space for each bubble will be made in the playground and on the field to avoid mixing with other bubbles and be reminded to keep distance from others.

At lunchtimes, children will be offered a choice of sandwiches which will be eaten in the classrooms or outside. If your child brings in their own lunch, their lunchbox will be kept under their table in the classroom.

The playground equipment will be taped off (such as the “witch’s hat”) but each bubble will have a box of equipment they can use for play, that we can clean at the end of each day.

Will Breakfast Club and Afterschool Clubs be running from 15th June

Unfortunately, clubs will not be open on return to school due to staffing issues.