Every School Day Counts

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A-Z of School Attendance – A Guide for Parents

How much schooling will your child miss?

98% = 4 days

95% = 10 days

90% = 19 days

80% = 38 days

Good attendance is over 96%


Attendance Tree  – If your child attends school regularly they will be awarded a leaf on our attendance tree.


New Starters – It is important to get children into good patterns of attendance from an early age so these can be carried through into later life.


Being worried? – Please don’t keep your child off school if they are worried about something at school. There are many people at school that are trained and want to help.


Opportunities – It is not all Maths, English and Science. School is about learning how to be good citizens and treating others with respect. Children can also be part of many trips, clubs groups and teams


Casual Absence – This means that children are being kept off school when they don’t need to be. For example: to go shopping for birthday treats, late nights or pretend sickness.


Praise – Always look for the ‘positives’ in testing situations rather than the ‘negatives.’ Have a system at home to reward and praise good behaviour.


Doctors’ Appointments – If possible please make appointments out of school time.


Question – Ask your child about rewards they may have received for good school attendance. A leaf on the attendance tree, a class cup or even tickets for Adventure Island for 100% attendance.


Encourage – Encourage your child to take part in out of school hours clubs, such as breakfast clubs. It allows them to experience new activities and meet new friends.


Ring In! – Ring school as soon as you know your child is going to be absent or late.


Friendships – Friendships at school can stay with your child for the rest of their life. Days off school make it harder for your child to fit back into friendship groups.


Sickness – If your child has sickness or diarrhoea they must be absent from school for 48 hours from the last symptoms to prevent the spread of infection.


Good Attendance – This is the secret to your child’s success. Good attendance is anything above 95%.


Term Time Holidays – Children are out of school 175 days of the year. So there are plenty of days to take a holiday. Holidays during term time can cause your child to fall behind with work.


Happy Times – Schools days can be the best time of your child’s life. Don’t let them miss out.


Unauthorised Absence - This means that the school won’t authorise the time your child has been away from school. For example, late after register closes, holidays taken during term time or absences with no explanation.


INSET - These are teacher training days. Your child is not at school these days so please find out when they are. Be aware that different schools have different INSET days so don’t assume these will be the same for children at different schools.


Volunteer – Volunteer your help to parents you know should they be struggling to get their child into school on time


Jump for Joy! – Celebrate your child’s attendance achievements when they are rewarded for good attendance at school.


Website – Check out your schools website for information on holidays, school opening and closing times and information on what is going on at school.


Keep Fit – A healthy lifestyle means a healthy mind. A nutritious breakfast will give your child the energy they need for the rest of the day. Drinking plenty of water helps concentration too!


Xxxx – Show your child love and encouragement by asking them about their school day.


Lateness – Being late disrupts teaching plans and your child may be embarrassed when they arrive in class after their friends. Arriving early to school will set them up for the day ready to learn!


You – You are legally responsible for ensuring your child attends school. Your child will thank you one day for encouraging them to attend and achieve good results.


Missed Minutes – As little as 15 minutes late every day is equal to two weeks of lost learning per academic year.


Zzzz – Early bedtimes make for early mornings and better start to the school day.